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Four fun-loving boys


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My sweet, sexy boys! It had been a wonderful night. I had caught the eye of the mischievously looking redhead in the club and he had introduced me to his friends.

Later we took a taxi to my beach house and made love all night long. The touch of those hot lips, the passionate embraces were like a fountain of youth to me.

In the morning, a lot of cuddling took place in my usually lonely kitchen before we went to the beach. I took my cell out, wanting a reminder of them. “Hey! Who wants ice-cream?” All turned around.


Leaving my company for the last time I went to my old club to drown my loneliness.

The fun-loving boys caught my eyes. Their youth made me envious, their camaraderie reminded me of my own gang, forty years ago. They were a friendly bunch and invited me.

What could easily have been a sad night turned out to be a funny romp of jokes, tickling and laughing. I provided the beverages and the boys adopted me until morning.

When I chauffeured them in my Mercedes to the beach, I felt light-hearted like never before and shouted after them. “Carpe diem!”