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New book available now!



My new book, a m/m romance fairy tale based on Grimm’s brother story “Allerleirauh”, is out and available now. For anyone who loves some steamy scenes in their romance and who likes to have some action, this is the right story! No cliffhanger and not part of a serie it has a happy end the heroes need to work for… *evil-smile*

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

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The summoning


The rune on the ground glowed crimson while he walked in measured steps around it.

His ankle-long hair, usually braided to hold his massive energy, flew around him; the long tresses weaving the spell as he whispered the summoning.

At last he scratched a small wound over his heart to add his heart blood.

“Come back to me, Farelen, my own true love!”

He channeled all his power, added the yearning and pushed it through the rune. A blast threw him back onto his bed and he covered his eyes from the blinding light until a familiar voice asked.



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Just in time


Just in time

By geier [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons The photo has been cropped.

Stripped of my armour, groomed like a woman, they even pierced my lips to bring supreme pleasure to the winner. I can hear the ruckus of the audience, any kind of species gathered for the slave auctions on this station.

And I am next.

My stomach revolves – it’s now or never! Has my lover received my SOS?

A thud – a muffled shout, I look up and a load is taken from my mind. There he stands, surrounded by our band of mercenaries.
“There you are!” Sam does a double take, eyebrows rising.
Don’t say it!”
“I wouldn’t say anything – – – sweetums!”


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Be careful what you wish for…




“Bloke! What are you doin’?”

The creature cocked its head and finished unbuttoning his jeans.
“What does it look like?”
“I – I summoned you to help me with my love-life, not complicate it!”
An evil curling on those delicious lips.
“I promise, I won’t make things complicated.” The zipper was pulled down.
“But – but…”
The trouser got thrown backwards. Sensual, male perfection stalked forwards.
“You have summoned an incubus, don’t you know what that means?”
“You’re a – demon?”
The voice dropped to a purr.
“ >Incubare<, that’s Latin for >to lie upon<. I don’t do advice, I practice…”


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Big step

Big step

photo credit: masterdesigner via photopin cc

His warm,  leather-gloved hand cupped the back of my head. Despite the sunglasses I saw his beautiful eyes, looking into mine, searching. I shuddered with lust. Yes, he was right, I didn’t know how he would play with my body; I have been vanilla all my life.
“You sure?” his voice deepened to a raspy drawl.
My own leather-gloved hand touched his shoulder and I could feel his heat through the layers.
“Yessssss,” I hissed, pulling him closer, needing to feel him.
One last look into my eyes and he let go of any restraint. His tongue met mine passionately.


Thanks Ofelia for a sexy pic! Check out her flash fiction:

The last pic



I feel the blood between my legs – pure hatred stiffens my weak limbs as I pick up his camera.
“Brothers, step aside. I want to take a picture, it will be the last one posted on the homepage of this sick swine.”
Two brothers pull his head up so that “Rapist”, written on his forehead, is visible in the harsh light of the basement where he held me captive.
After taking some pictures my brothers let go of him. I smear a track with my blood from his shackled ankles towards the open door.
“Let the rats have him.”


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Four fun-loving boys


photo credit: via

My sweet, sexy boys! It had been a wonderful night. I had caught the eye of the mischievously looking redhead in the club and he had introduced me to his friends.

Later we took a taxi to my beach house and made love all night long. The touch of those hot lips, the passionate embraces were like a fountain of youth to me.

In the morning, a lot of cuddling took place in my usually lonely kitchen before we went to the beach. I took my cell out, wanting a reminder of them. “Hey! Who wants ice-cream?” All turned around.


Leaving my company for the last time I went to my old club to drown my loneliness.

The fun-loving boys caught my eyes. Their youth made me envious, their camaraderie reminded me of my own gang, forty years ago. They were a friendly bunch and invited me.

What could easily have been a sad night turned out to be a funny romp of jokes, tickling and laughing. I provided the beverages and the boys adopted me until morning.

When I chauffeured them in my Mercedes to the beach, I felt light-hearted like never before and shouted after them. “Carpe diem!”

Despair and hope

Despair and hope

photo credit: Shashwat_Nagpal via photopin cc

“I understand that he doesn’t notice me. Being short, Mexican, gay, and only a worker on the field,” Miguel sighed, “he could have anyone.”
“Miguel, you know I am just the accountant on this orchard, so I don’t have that much contact to Francois. But just yesterday, while we settled the accounts, he asked about you, swear to God!”
The dark head lifted slowly.
“He – he did?”
“Yep. And he was astonished how many hours you have worked.”
Hope gleamed in brown eyes.
“He knows I exist!”
His American friend smiled.
“And I think that’s him coming towards us.”

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Let him go


photo credit: sea turtle via photopin cc


“Come on John, stay with us!”

“I am too old for both of you. Look at you, your mohawks, your style… I am glad you found yourself a sub, Michael.”

“But you taught me how to be a good Dom, John. This cannot be the end?”

John sighed, but tried to hold onto his smile.

“Michael, you are ready to spread your wings, let me go.”

His Dom looked him into the eyes and saw that although he didn’t felt ready, his first sub was sure.

“Allright —everything to make you happy. Freddy, give me the key to John’s padlock.”


Thanks to SueM, who choose this pic for the “Flash Fiction” thread on Goodreads m/m romance.

Why me?

Why me?

photo credit: Homo Eяectus via photopin cc

“Why me? I don’t know how to do it,” he whined and pouted with those pretty lips in question.

“You just take the brush and dip it into the color and paint everything that was already red in your face—even before you put the color on.”

Five minutes of quiet in the bathroom.

When he returned to our desk, his lips were the brightest, shiniest red I have ever seen on anybody, man or woman.

“Okay,” I nodded, “now you can start kissing the invitation cards, right above where it says: >We like to invite you to our wedding<.”


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