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Despair and hope

Despair and hope

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“I understand that he doesn’t notice me. Being short, Mexican, gay, and only a worker on the field,” Miguel sighed, “he could have anyone.”
“Miguel, you know I am just the accountant on this orchard, so I don’t have that much contact to Francois. But just yesterday, while we settled the accounts, he asked about you, swear to God!”
The dark head lifted slowly.
“He – he did?”
“Yep. And he was astonished how many hours you have worked.”
Hope gleamed in brown eyes.
“He knows I exist!”
His American friend smiled.
“And I think that’s him coming towards us.”

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Let him go


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“Come on John, stay with us!”

“I am too old for both of you. Look at you, your mohawks, your style… I am glad you found yourself a sub, Michael.”

“But you taught me how to be a good Dom, John. This cannot be the end?”

John sighed, but tried to hold onto his smile.

“Michael, you are ready to spread your wings, let me go.”

His Dom looked him into the eyes and saw that although he didn’t felt ready, his first sub was sure.

“Allright —everything to make you happy. Freddy, give me the key to John’s padlock.”


Thanks to SueM, who choose this pic for the “Flash Fiction” thread on Goodreads m/m romance.

Why me?

Why me?

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“Why me? I don’t know how to do it,” he whined and pouted with those pretty lips in question.

“You just take the brush and dip it into the color and paint everything that was already red in your face—even before you put the color on.”

Five minutes of quiet in the bathroom.

When he returned to our desk, his lips were the brightest, shiniest red I have ever seen on anybody, man or woman.

“Okay,” I nodded, “now you can start kissing the invitation cards, right above where it says: >We like to invite you to our wedding<.”


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Free Short Story available for download


I am very happy to announce that my first free story “Romeo and Julian – Free Fall” is available on my homepage now.

You can choose between epub or PDF format. More formats will be available as soon as Bookrix will publish the story.

Happy reading!

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Bookcover is done!


The bookcover for my first free short story is finished! The story is complete and is processed by Bookrix, soon to be published.


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He is leaving

He is leaving

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I wave as far as I can see him. He doesn’t turn around. We had been lovers for two years, but now his wife wants him back home in Morocco and he is leaving. But I understand – we are getting too close. In the beginning he had laughed every time he saw me in my frilly underwear, later in our relationship he had touched me underneath it reverently and today he gave me these panties before we made love for the last time. He had tears in his eyes as he whispered, “You are beautiful,” before he closed the door.

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