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New book available now!



My new book, a m/m romance fairy tale based on Grimm’s brother story “Allerleirauh”, is out and available now. For anyone who loves some steamy scenes in their romance and who likes to have some action, this is the right story! No cliffhanger and not part of a serie it has a happy end the heroes need to work for… *evil-smile*

I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

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Free Short Story available for download


I am very happy to announce that my first free story “Romeo and Julian – Free Fall” is available on my homepage now.

You can choose between epub or PDF format. More formats will be available as soon as Bookrix will publish the story.

Happy reading!

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He is leaving

He is leaving

photo credit: Psicoloco via photopin cc

I wave as far as I can see him. He doesn’t turn around. We had been lovers for two years, but now his wife wants him back home in Morocco and he is leaving. But I understand – we are getting too close. In the beginning he had laughed every time he saw me in my frilly underwear, later in our relationship he had touched me underneath it reverently and today he gave me these panties before we made love for the last time. He had tears in his eyes as he whispered, “You are beautiful,” before he closed the door.

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Paying the mercenary

Paying the mercenary

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The deed was done. He rolled over, touching the bloody pinpricks on his neck. It hadn’t been nice to get his blood sucked, but his partner had brought him to a delicious climax right before and bit him while he still drifted in the afterglow. Now the vampire stood, putting his clothes back on. Black shirt, black leather trousers, the standard outfit for mercenaries.
“You will find him in the Red-light district, in his headquarter.”
“I will find him. Stay put, I’ll want full payment.”
Sliding a wicked looking knife into his low-riding waistband his savior walked through the door.

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Welcome to my new blog and website


Dear reader

hello and thank you for dropping by! I hope you will find interesting information about the exciting life of a newbie author. *wink*

Just last week my first book “Hello My Prince” was published after a birthing process of 9 months – the usual – and 5 months of editing. Working on a custom made bookcover was a thrilling process, I was lucky of having found a very flexibel, and patient (!) designer, who catered to all my whims. Thank you Ally!

To give anyone interested in my writing a taste without spending money on a book, I am in the process of adding my first free story titled: “Romeo and Julian – Free Fall”  to my homepage.

Happy hugs to all of you,








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