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Big step

Big step

photo credit: masterdesigner via photopin cc

His warm,  leather-gloved hand cupped the back of my head. Despite the sunglasses I saw his beautiful eyes, looking into mine, searching. I shuddered with lust. Yes, he was right, I didn’t know how he would play with my body; I have been vanilla all my life.
“You sure?” his voice deepened to a raspy drawl.
My own leather-gloved hand touched his shoulder and I could feel his heat through the layers.
“Yessssss,” I hissed, pulling him closer, needing to feel him.
One last look into my eyes and he let go of any restraint. His tongue met mine passionately.


Thanks Ofelia for a sexy pic! Check out her flash fiction:

The last pic



I feel the blood between my legs – pure hatred stiffens my weak limbs as I pick up his camera.
“Brothers, step aside. I want to take a picture, it will be the last one posted on the homepage of this sick swine.”
Two brothers pull his head up so that “Rapist”, written on his forehead, is visible in the harsh light of the basement where he held me captive.
After taking some pictures my brothers let go of him. I smear a track with my blood from his shackled ankles towards the open door.
“Let the rats have him.”


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